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Samara Speller is a New York City based Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Her studies and teachings have grown out of her fascination with the relationship between physiology, psychology, and spirituality. Originally (and forever) a dancer, she has long had an appreciation for the power of movement practices. Samara believes yoga is for everyone and is one of the most accessible and powerful tools we can use to move through life with more grace, knowledge, and awareness.

Through years of study and practice, Samara has developed an astute eye for physical form and its function. She teaches a therapeutic and invigorating practice in the form of group classes and private sessions and is regularly sought after to lead teachers in training. 

In January 2022 Samara founded Sarai, a space for yoga, meditation, and music in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. 

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Yoga is a collection of techniques that allows us to live better lives by way of how we utilize mind, body, and breath. Not only does consistent yoga practice develop balance, flexibility, and strength, it is a means by which we come to know ourselves more deeply. Physically, we improve our posture and proprioception, identify and reform our imbalances, and heal our injuries. This process illuminates our behavior and thought patterns, allowing us to examine where we are holding ourselves back, in the practice and in life.

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Samara offers therapeutic and informative private lessons which are particularly well suited for individuals experiencing pain. During your lesson Samara will read your body, set you up in archetypal therapeutic poses, and provide physical adjustments, all with the goal of orienting and organizing your body better. We are all spun a little off center and over time our first nature, our unconscious moving/sitting/breathing patterns, can lead us to overwork certain areas of the body while neglecting others. The site of pain is rarely the source of pain which is why Samara approaches the body in a holistic way looking at how the entire puzzle is framed rather than just at the puzzle piece that popped out. Together you will re-inform your physical orientation and develop techniques to become well-adjusted.

To schedule a private lesson please use the contact form below.

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Weekly Schedule:

All classes are in-person at my studio, Sarai, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn









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Invest in your employees' wellness. Yoga in the workplace fosters community and gives workers the tools they need to de-stress and reenergize so that they can become more productive and engaged.

Samara leads yoga and meditation sessions for offices, nonprofits, hotels, and sports organizations across NYC.

Please contact her directly for rates and availability.


Samara is a dream. Very specific, very challenging but encouraging, perfectly-timed subtle humor, and the most ridiculously awesome adjustments.

Samara is arguably one of the best yoga teachers in Brooklyn.

Samara's classes have been such an important part of my year. Through them I have become more aware and connected to a deeper side of myself. I am truly grateful for her instruction, friendship and the joy she brings to every class.

Samara is next level amazing. She leads a challenging class with detailed and clear instruction, amazing adjustments, and all while maintaining a hilarious sense of humor.

Samara is extremely knowledgeable and so lovely as a person. Can’t recommend her enough!

Amazing teacher! I always feel like I'm getting a good lesson on proper form and technique from Samara and I haven't found that much attention from any other studios.

I always feel like I've released all my stress and anxiety after her class. It's like giving yourself a deep tissue massage! Absolutely love Samara's teaching style.

Great and thorough instructions! Very helpful for a beginner like myself. Samara is fantastic!

Wonderful instructor, light and playful. Her all level classes offer a perfect balance of modifications for intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Samara knows her stuff and really guides each individual. She can help take your yoga practice to the next level. I’ll be back!

I’m very happy with the class I took with Samara. She was a great teacher, patient and attentive to every students form, including my own. I will definitely come back for another class.

Amazing class! Probably one of the most meditative yoga classes I’ve ever taken. Samara is an excellent instructor and guided us through each pose and breath with so much knowledge and patience. I’d recommend this class to beginners and advanced yogis!


Contact me to find out more about yoga and how it can benefit you or your workplace.

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